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Our Toowoomba Practice Will Be Moving Location – Approx October 2018

Gold fish jumping to bigger bowlOnly our Toowoomba Practice will be moving! (There will be no changes to our Warwick location)

We have no set date yet but we hope to move late September or early October.

We will not be moving far… Our new address will be 361 West Street, on the corner of West and Beh Streets. Our new location is directly across the road from the Westridge Shopping Centre and our new car park entrance will be off Beh Street.

For those of you who also see Stacey for Massage… Stacey will be making the move across the road with us.

We will have ample off street parking and all phone numbers and email contact details will remain the same.

In the meantime we will still be operating from our Westridge location and we will inform you of our move date in the coming weeks/months (once we have an exact date).

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home later this year.

Sonja and Matt


Trivia Hints 2018

Question Mark And Thinker


For those of you needing a little assistance with our trivia quiz…. (The following hints are not textbook perfect but should give you enough direction to help guess the correct answers!)

1. There are posters up on all our walls with the answer!

2. They swim, grow on trees and stick in our teeth!

3. He apparently is never sweet enough!!!!! Just give him a sugar bowl :)

4. Council dictates lots… so hopefully we have plenty even if Sonja runs late!!! So if Debbie, Stacey and Sonja are at work and Sonja is running late with more than 7 people waiting… we could be in trouble!!

5. Our spine should look a little like an “S” so it can act like a spring, and give us both strength and flexibility. (Please note… when we slouch we lose the “S” shape curves!!!) The “S” curves typically also help take some of the stretch and load off both the structures that hold our bones together (like muscles and ligaments) and the structures that the spine protects (like our spinal cord, spinal nerves and blood vessels).

6. You should be able to guess this one without any help!!!

7. Which body part is the closest?

8. What can often complement your chiropractic care… and can feel pretty goooooooood!

9. The hint is in the current newsletter!

10. It’s the longest day of the week ending in Y!


Time to Recharge – Both Practices Closed for 1 week

Time to Recharge – Both Practices Closed for 1 week
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Many of you have known us for years (and in some cases decades) which means we are all gradually becoming older and grumpier. (If we are lucky perhaps no one has noticed???)

We are taking one weeks holiday to recharge and hopefully keep us healthy during the second half of the year. It’s still a few weeks away yet but we would like to ensure we give everyone plenty of notice and the courtesy of knowing that we will be closed for that week.

During that week our hard working team will be having a well deserved rest too, so both practices will be unattended.

Please get in early to see us before we go, or if you are needing to make appointments for when we are back relaxed and refreshed, please make use of our answering machines so we can attend to your needs as soon as possible on our return. BOTH PRACTICES RE-OPEN MONDAY AUGUST 27 @ 7.30am.

Take care and enjoy the little things,

Matt and Sonja




Saturday Opening Dates

Saturday Opening Dates
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Please take note of our Saturday dates for 2018 below.

Our 2018 Saturdays are not always 4 weeks apart due to some 5 week months and Easter. Most will still fall on the first Saturday of the month except for January and May.

  • In January we will be open the second Saturday of the month due to our Christmas Break.
  • In May we will also be open the second Saturday due to the May Day Long weekend.

Sat 2018