Do I need a referral from my Doctor?

No. Chiropractors are primary contact practitioners so you may choose to make an appointment without the need for the referral from your Doctor. However, we do work in conjunction with medical doctors and other allied health professionals.

Can chiropractic help me?

Chiropractic care may benefit almost everyone in some way just like dental care. Our spines support us against gravity, allow us to bend and twist and protect our delicate spinal cord and nerves. It can be difficult to go through day to day life without placing stress on our spines… we’ve all had falls learning to walk and ride bikes, or jarred ourselves playing sport, or had postural or repetitive stress at work… if, however, after examination we do not believe your condition may benefit from chiropractic care we will refer you to the health professional you need.

What is an adjustment?

It is a term used by chiropractors to describe a gentle specific force delivered by hand or by instrument to a joint. The purpose of an adjustment is to improve joint movement and reduce irritation to the adjacent structures.

Does the adjustment hurt?

Typically, no. With certain types of conditions and injuries however, there may be swelling, or muscle spasm, and the injured tissues may be tender to touch. In these instances, there may be some level of discomfort, however, techniques and treatment methods are modified accordingly to minimise this discomfort.

How many adjustments will I need?

Only after a complete history and examination will we be able to tell. Every problem is different and each individual response is different. Our aim at Back to Health Chiropractic is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible and teach you what YOU need to do to prevent re-injury.

Will my spine make a cracking sound? If so, what causes that noise?

It is not your spine cracking, like most people think. The noise is the result of gas filling the partial vacuum created when the joints are slightly separated. Not all chiropractic techniques produce this noise.

Can I adjust myself?

Typically no! Some people can make their joints “pop” or “crack”, but that is not an adjustment. Damage may occur by mobilizing or “popping” a joint with weakened muscles and ligaments, so please don’t try it at home!

Is it ok to see a chiropractor while I am pregnant?

Generally yes. It can often be one of the most important stages to be checked due to the changing body shape, posture and forces placed on the spine. Techniques and patient positioning are adapted to suit the changing pregnant body. As with any patient, if on consultation or examination we determine chiropractic is not suitable for you at that stage we can advise you on more suitable treatment options and refer you accordingly.

Can a person who has had previous back surgery see a chiropractor?

Generally yes. Even after previous spinal surgery, chiropractic techniques can be modified to protect the surgery site whilst treating other conditions/areas of the spine. Your specific history will be taken into account and the appropriate care and techniques used. Again as with any patient, if on consultation or examination we determine chiropractic is not suitable for you, or your particular condition, we can advise you on more suitable treatment options and refer you accordingly.

Why may children need chiropractic?

Because kids are kids! We have most of our bumps and falls during childhood and although we are very flexible and “bounce well” when we are young, our bodies often compensate for and adapt to these little injuries and if left uncorrected may lead to unnecessary compensatory muscle and/or postural patterns. Techniques are adapted for children and their developing bodies and are generally very comfortable and easily tolerated.